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Public debate: dialogue and conciliation


EPTB Seine Grands Lacs - in progress

Mission to evaluate flood risks in Île-de-France (Paris urban and suburban region) and recommendations:
- Documented study.
- Meeting with those involved in building risk awareness.
- Evaluation of risk awareness actions and tools.
- Recommendations on methodology.
- Recommendations on key messages.
- Awareness-building tools recommendations.

AFGNV - 2015

Organizing and enabling dialogue with 13 leading NGV/bioNGV stakeholders to determiner the most relevant communication strategy and tools in this crucial and growing sector.

SRCE Champagne-Ardenne - 2013

Enablement of public debate concerning the ecological viability diagnostic for the Champagne-Ardenne regional schema.

Grand Lyon - 2012

Participation in the public debate dossier (design and editorial) concerning the Grand Lyon motorway bypass project.

Pays de Beauce Gâtinais - 2008 / 2010

- Public debate and general guidance document for territorial stakeholders concerning diagnosis of territory, project development and sustainable development.
- SCoT (urban project) project workshop preparation and enablement,
- Preparation and enablement of public meetings.

RTE - 2008 / 2010

Public debate preparation concerning the THT Cotentin Maine line transmission of electricity produced by a reactor type ERP for RTE at Flamanville 3.

SARIA - 2009 / 2010

Public debate organisation for the Isse site methanization plant project.

Valorem - 2010

Public debate organisation for Tarn department wind turbine implantation project:
- Context study,
- Major stakeholder meet-ups,
- Interviews with opponents,
- Power balance analysis,
-  Public debate and communications strategy recommendations.

Editorial Communication


CEA - 2014 / 2015

« Connexion » magazine articles and content for the DSI of the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission.

France's Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energie - 2014 / 2015

Content for the Risk Prevention Directorate General website, articles, iconography, video interviews.


Interviews and editorial content on behalf of La Folle Entreprise Agency for « Connivence » magazine, a publication of Conimast company, manufacturer of candelabra masts, public lighting poles traffic signals.

SPIE Batignolles - 2013

Interviews and editorial content on behalf of La Folle Entreprise Agency, for a magazine focussing on the integration of environmental and social issues in major railroad and roadway development projects.

Oise - Pays de France natural regional park - 2012

Editorial content for the « Soyons Parc » (Let's Be Park) magazine for all of the 2012 issues.

Informational and Institutional Communication


AFGNV - 2015

Participation in a communications operation to build awareness of NGV/bioNGV stakes:
- Creation of an Internet site.
- Production of 8 films.
- Community management operations.

Organization and production of press activities: press conference, press kit and press releases.

XERGI SAS - 2014

Production of two informational and promotional films about XERGI company's methanisation units.

Vitry-sur-Seine mayor's office - 2012 / 2013

Production of an exhibition on pneumatic waste collection: exhibition panels, educational comic strip, exhibition leaflet, radio playlets.

Biogaz Vallée - 2013

Production of a 10-minute film raising awareness of methanisation stakes on behalf of an institutional and private stakeholder co-production.

DIREN - EPTB Seine Grands Lacs - 2009 / 2010

Communications operations relevant to Ile-de-France (Paris region) flood risks in the context of the 1910 flood's 100th anniversary:
- Production of an 18-minute film,
- Exhibition design and production,
- Creation of a 4-pane pamphlet.

EPTB Seine Grands Lacs  - 1999 / 2011

Accompanying the internal and external communications policy for the Seine Great Lakes area from 1999 to 2010, notably communications publications design and editing in the context of triennial purchase orders contract in 2002, 2005 and 2008:
- Strategic recommendations,
- Graphic Charter,
- Communications documents fo the La Bassée project,
- Design and production of 9 progress reports,
- Creation of dedicated educational material: fact sheets and technical brochures on each Lake-reservoir, newsletters,
- Design and production of 19 issues of the internal journal,
- Creation of a specific signs for Champagne Lake-reservoirs,
- Creation of a «Lake House», an informational and educational space dedicated to the Aube Lake-reservoir Institution mission of the Institution.
- Production of background papers on the Seine Great Lakes HQE.

Ile-de-France (Paris) region, Ministry of Ecology, Île-de-France region prefecture, Seine-Normandie waterworks agency, EPTB Seine Grands Lacs - 2010

« Regards croisés de praticiens » (Practicians' intersecting perspectives) report: assessment and prospects for the île-de-France floodplains development.

Romi - 2008 / 2010

Communications documents: newsletters, brochures, informational journal, on the theme of recycling.

Studies - diagnostics


GRTgaz - 2013

Context study for a Brittany pipeline construction project, area reinforcement and connection. Territorial diagnosis, study of involved stakeholders, highlighted issues, recommendations for public consultation and communication.

RTE - 2002 / 2010

- Political and social-economic study of the THT Cotentin Maine line transmission of electricity produced by a reactor type ERP for RTE at Flamanville 3: interviews with major political, institutional, associative and professional stakeholders.
- 3 social-economic studies to determine the feasibility of and electrical line implantation in the Cherré, Soulans and Saint-Pierre-en-Retz territories.


EPTB Seine Grands Lacs - 1999 / 2010

Communications strategy:
- realization of communications and pedagogy for the of the Grands lacs de Seine mission,
- study of expectations Institution agents and external actor demands,
- strategic and action plan recommendations.
Bassée project flood risk management in the Paris region's sustainable development:
- social and political acceptability study of the 5th Grands Lacs de Seine lake-reservoir project,
- study or awareness building before and after its implementation,
- study of the environmental, socio-economic and political context for La Bassée territory, in the context of the 5th Grands Lacs de Seine lake-reservoir project.
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